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TATEIOMS services include the following:


The above services are offered both onsite and offsite in the homes or locations suitable to the consumer's identified needs.  The Management Team for TATEIOMS posses the required degrees, certifications, and/or state licensure to function in their perspective role.  Further, each individual has obtained the necessary knowledge base business acumen and experience in mental health issues that allows for and promotes positive growth and development leading to balanced lifestyles.


extension of services

TATEIOMS is able to provide services to an array of individuals because of additional payment sources that are now available, along with the increased demand from individuals needing Suboxone Treatment.  Also added to our services is Character Education, a certified program at TATEIOMS that is practiced throughout the Country.  Statistics show that schools in general throughout the United States incorporating Character Education into their curriculum reported an 80% increase in academic performance and a 95% reduction in disciplonary issues.  TATEIOMS is proud to be the first and only certified program of its kind in Prince George's County.


Q & A:



Suboxone is a drug first marketed in the United States in 2004, with over 4 years experience, it has been shown to be very safe and extremely effective in helping individuals overcome their addiction to opiate (or narcotic) type drugs.




Can all doctor's prescribe suboxone?

No, doctors must be certified to prescribe SUBOXONE.  Doctor's who are already specialists in addiction medicine or who complete specific training can become certified to treat opiod dependance with SUBOXONE in their offices.  Ask your doctor if he or she is certified so that he or she can treat you or possibly refer you to a doctor who can.



The length of your suboxone treatment depends on what your doctor, you, and possibly, your therapist decide is best for your needs.  Although short-term treatment may be an effective option for some, for others it may not allow enough time to address the psychological and behavoral aspects of their condition.  The chance of relapsing can be higher with short term treatment because patients have less time to learn skills needed to maintain an opiod-free lifestyle.




~The information and images were taken from a pamphlet by Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare and Suboxone.com.~